“Nothing About us...... without us”
What we do

Every day thousands of people with disabilities benefit from services
provided directly by CILs* including:

Personal Assistance Service (PAS).  The Center for Independent Living
was the pioneer of PAS in Ireland, having introduced it here in the early
1990s. With PAS its the person with the disability (the 'Leader') that
directs or leads the service - the Personal Assistant reports directly to the

Transport: CILs provide accessible transport throughout the country.

Lifeskills training - the management of personal affairs - taught through
learning by doing methods to prepare and enable people with disabilities
to live independently.

Home maintenance - from household repairs, to gardening to cleaning all
aspects of maintaining a home are catered for.

Peer support - CILs are run by people with disabilities themselves who
can act as mentors and peer supports for other people with disabilities -
some CILs have peer support groups who meet regularly

   Training services - for CIL members and Personal Assistants.
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