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Health Services and Disability Payments

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Health Services

    Assessment of need
    Charges for public hospitals
    Child health service
    Chiropody services
    Community care services
    Day Care
    Dental, aural and optical services
    Developmental examinations
    Drugs Payment Scheme
    GP visit card
    Home help services
    Long Term Illness Scheme
    Medical cards
    Nursing Homes Support Scheme
    Occupational therapists
    Prescribed medicines
    Public health nurses
    Respite care
    School health service
    Social workers
    Speech and language therapy services
    Treatment Benefit Scheme

Caring for a Person with Disability

    Carer’s Allowance
    Carer’s Benefit
    Carer’s leave
    Domiciliary Care Allowance
    Parental leave
    Respite Care Grant

Disability-related Payemnts

    Blind Pension
    Blind Welfare Allowance
    Disability Allowance
    Disablement Benefit
    Fuel Allowance
    Household Benefits Package
    Illness Benefit
    Injury Benefit
    Invalidity Pension
    Living Alone Increase
    Means test
    Occupational Injuries Benefit Scheme
    Partial Capacity Benefit
    Pay Related Social Insurance
    Supplementary Welfare Allowance Scheme

Complaints and Appeals

    Assessment of need
    HSE complaints process
    Ombudsman for Children
    Social Welfare Appeals Office