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Advocacy Services

The Advocacy Service Dublin 15 provides independent advocacy to all people with a disability in the Dublin 15 area. People who wish to access the service outside of the Dublin15 area are considered on a case by case basis.

The Independent advocacy team will:

    • Provide you with information on your rights and entitlements
    • Listen to your views to establish your wishes
    • Discuss options with you
    • Empower you to involve you in decisions that affect your life
    • Provides support and assistance in making informed choice
    • Support you in the actions you wish to take to resolve your concerns

When necessary the advocate will represent you on various matters as required by you if you wish in your absence. The advocate can provide assistance in pursuing a complaint through any informal or formal procedures.

The advocate will, at all times, ensure that you have appropriate and relevant information available to you to ensure that you are safe guarded and aware of all risks attached to any action or decision that you may be considering.

The advocate can provide you with assistance and support on difficulties you may be experiencing in, accessing health services, securing accommodation, moving to independent living, accessing disability entitlements, adoptions to home, having your wishes addressed on matters that are personal to you.

You will be dealt with in a friendly, supportive, dignified and professional manner and the service is free.

The service is private and confidential.

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